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Standard Policies

Standard Payment Terms & Conditions

Clients will be provided with a fee agreement, which relates specifically to their project. 

Generally projects will be invoiced at each project stage, payment is due within 14-28 days from the invoice date subject to the agreement. Payment stages and due dates will be specified in the fee agreement. 

Payment account details are shown on each invoice. If paying online please confirm by email. 

The interest charge on overdue accounts is levied at 8% above Bank Of England base rates per day over the initial due date of the invoice. Failure to pay will result in the debt being recovered through legal action. 

If you wish to query an invoice, notice a mistake or wish to raise a complaint about work included in an invoice this must be done within 48hours of receipt of the invoice


I confirm that I hold appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by my registration as an Architect.  Any such liability will expire after six years from completion of the Services. Evidence of the cover can be provided on request. 

Terminating Fee Agreements

Unless specifically excluded in the fee agreement  

Fee agreements can be terminated in the event that either party fail to uphold the terms. Either party may terminate the agreements in writing giving 14 days notice. Clients will be liable for any fees / costs incurred up to termination and will be invoiced for this. Payment will be subject to standard payment terms. 


In the event that you are unhappy with how your project is progressing, complaints should be initially be raised via phone 07765 252900 or via email In the event of a dispute or difference arising under your Appointment we hope we shall be able to settle the matter by negotiation or mediation as per the agreement. Alternatively, either of us can start court proceedings to settle the dispute at any time. All complaints will be followed up in writing